Beat Battle

Match Records




Rules and Regulations

All Participants must be currently enrolled at MTSU.

All submissions are due NO LATER THAN March 13th at 11:59 pm.

Participants must submit the hottest remix they brew from any of the stems.

Pick at least one stem from the 2 options to make a remix that is 45 - 60 seconds in length.

All submissions are to be e-mailed to in MP3 format with Beat Battle 2017 in the subject line (PLEASE USE YOUR MTSU EMAIL).

All submissions must be SAMPLE FREE aside from provided accapellas (NO DERIVATIVES, REMIXES, OR SAMPLES FROM OTHER LICENSED WORKS; i.e. all submissions must be original work).

All participants should make sure they are available, if selected, on March 30th, 2017 for the live event.

In order to have un-biased prelim judging, refrain from using producer tags in the submissions.



Donny Apollo Stems


Option 1

Donny Apollo - Lotus (BPM 130)


Option 2

 Donny Apollo - Goosebumps (BPM 130)



How it works

All submissions will be assigned a number for prelim judging so the judges don't know who submitted the tracks.

All submissions will be scored by a panel of judges made up of Match Records participants (Industry Professionals).

The 10 submissions with the highest overall score will be chosen to participate in the event on March 30th, 2017.

The 10 finalists will be randomly drawn and put in a bracket for the event.

The 10 finalists will receive further information about the event once chosen.

If chosen, producers must bring at least 10 of their freshest beats to battle!


Every person who submits will receive an e-mail no later that March 19th, 2017 letting them know whether they are one of the finalists or not.

Any questions please e-mail us at